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Secret of a Great Relationship

The Secret of a Great Relationship is right here. We have all read the headlines: Five best ways to make your relationship a success. Three things you need to do to stay close. The most important way to keep love alive. Yes all the advice makes sense! But “why?” many people ask, “can’t I DO Read more

Healthy Relationship Quiz- Story

Is this your communication style? Have you taken the Healthy Relationship Quiz?  If not go to a previous BLOG Post and see how you score! Here is a snapshot from one of the 3 levels. Can you guess which level it’s from: Silver, Gold or Platinum? Nicole’s Story: For years whenever my boyfriend Jason and Read more

Healthy Relationship Quiz: Are you showing up for your man?

Healthy Relationship Quiz: Are you measuring up with your man? What is a healthy relationship and what are the signs of a healthy relationship? This is a survey for women to understand how to have a healthy relationship. Just like 3 precious metals Silver Gold and Platinum- we can be at different levels in our Read more