Art of Listening- Essential Relationship Skill

Essential Relationship Skills

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As a psychologist I have been teaching relationship skills like the Art of Listening to couples for a long long time! You know what they say about you teach what you have to learn. Then I discovered there was one (ok at least one) issue I had not learned to listen deeply to my husband about. It had to do with money. Whenever this came up and he was annoyed I would try to hear what he was expressing. I knew that was so basic and important. But after a few rounds I would feel that tightening in my belly. I could not really tune in to what he was expressing at any deep level. I wanted to defend myself. Has this ever happened to you? Have you had the same argument over and over and wondered how are we ever going to get through this to feel like we are on the same team again? Finally I stopped, tuned in to his hurt and upset about not being fully appreciated for all he did. That was the beginning of a new dialogue and such a relief to feel close again when talking about this.

If you would like to get some support in learning how you can turn a recurring fight into a deep connection, you can download my five-week streamable course: The Art Of Listening. Check out this 4-minute introduction to see if this could be valuable for your relationship.

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Shana Parker

Couples Coach, Licensed Psychologist, a well loved wife, proud mother, and writer.