Secret of a great relationship

Secret of a Great Relationship

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The Secret of a Great Relationship is right here.

We have all read the headlines:

Five best ways to make your relationship a success.

Three things you need to do to stay close.

The most important way to keep love alive.

Yes all the advice makes sense! But “why?” many people ask, “can’t I DO it?”

You have good intentions. You have read, for example, that appreciating your partner is really important. So why when he comes home and just wants to watch TV do you blow your stack? Or why, even though you have read that listening to your partner is essential, when she wants to  express her disappointment in your sex life, do you shut down and withdraw?

Here is the secret: awareness. When we have not learned to be aware of the different parts of ourselves then our responses are like the elementary school classroom kids- when the teacher has left room! Or as a great educator Robert Assagioli says “when the conductor of the orchestra is absent, no one is in charge of the harmony of the whole.”  How we often act does not have the harmony of the relationship  in mind but only ourselves. This happens not because we are flawed but because we have not learned to be aware. We don’t have a conductor.

I have been working with couples for over 30 years and I have heard many many stories of how the orchestra sounds when the conductor is on a holiday. That’s why I have created a course for couples to learn how awareness facilitates their capacity to make choices that lead to intimacy and the relationship they have always wanted! Join me to learn the secret of awareness that allows you to finally DO what has made sense in theory.

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Shana Parker

Couples Coach, Licensed Psychologist, a well loved wife, proud mother, and writer.