Couples Praise Working with Shana Parker

“We learned so many skills from Shana that have improved our marriage and taken us to the next level. We had always known it was possible to have a happier marriage but did not know how to achieve it. Don’t miss a chance to study with Shana.”

- Alan and Kisha (Byron Bay, Australia)
Skills save marriages

After we learned these skills and committed to really practice them our whole way of interacting was transformed.

No kidding!
While this takes work – it is worth it.Trust me on this one!”

- Sarah and Steven (Boulder, CO)
Couples Coaching Deepens Love

“Shana’s coaching has had a dramatic impact on our life. She is dynamic, fun, and really gifted when it comes to getting past those common issues and building a deeper love connection. For anyone who wants more out of their marriage, or is facing a challenging time – she is great resource. “

- Ruthie and Russell (Rowayton, Conn)
Premarital counseling

“Shana is an extraordinary mentor for couples seeking to discover how to work through those bad habits and find the love and connection that drew them together in the first place.”

- Cherine and Joshua (Oakland, CA)

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