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Shana Parker

Meet Shana Parker

As a licensed psychologist and couples coach, I have been teaching the relationship skills that make love and intimacy between partners flourish.

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Online Course for Couples

If you want more closeness, trust, passion and fun in your relationship then this 5 week webinar course is for you! Learn the best kept secrets of psychotherapy.

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As a psychologist I have been teaching relationship skills like the Art of Listening to couples for a long long time! You know what they say about you teach what you...

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Welcome to Marriage2Deepen

The Seven Skills You Need for a Happy Marriage is part of my mission to support couples like you in creating a relationship that can be the full expression of your love and can serve as the foundation of health and well- being in your life.

I believe our society has neglected to teach the very essential skills that make relationships work. I believe that these skills can be taught and that marriages can thrive. I want to make this work available and accessible for as many people as I possibly can.

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