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Essential Relationship Skills

As a psychologist I have been teaching relationship skills like the Art of Listening to couples for a long long time! You know what they say about you teach what you have to learn. Then I discovered there was one (ok at least one) issue I had not learned to listen deeply to my husband Read more

Christmas in the Trenches

I sat reading the New York Times this morning sipping a home made latte (yes I’m in Boulder, CO), in front of the warmth of the fire in the wood stove. My husband was comfortably  in his chair, our pup cozy in her little bed. Yet through the window of the Times I glimpse another Read more

Healthy Relationship Quiz- Story

Is this your communication style? Have you taken the Healthy Relationship Quiz?  If not go to a previous BLOG Post and see how you score! Here is a snapshot from one of the 3 levels. Can you guess which level it’s from: Silver, Gold or Platinum? Nicole’s Story: For years whenever my boyfriend Jason and Read more

How to Stop Fighting in your Marriage

In my 30+-year psychotherapy practice I have come in contact with many couples who say that if they could only stop the fights they would have a much happier marriage. Even though they want to change they seem unable to stop fighting. They ask if there is a way that I can teach them to Read more