Fearless Nest (Hardcopy)

Fearless Nest: Our Children As Our Greatest Teachers edited by Shana Stanberry Parker Sc.D.



“Fearless Nest  is a compilation of stories written by a diverse group of women who have embraced mothering as a mandate, an opportunity for growth. These Mothers write about toddlers, teenagers, adult children, and every age in between. Their stories traverse humor, suffering and the wholly unpredictable journey of motherhood. With inspiration unusual candor and intimacy the women in this collection describe their transformation and speak about the deep well of joy and sorrow as well as the unexpected gifts and miracles that enrich their lives. Their stories will comfort, instruct and touch the lives of readers.

The stories shared by these mothers also offer readers new templates and models for parenting.  This book speaks to the timeless questions of how to handle love and power as well as the newer questions of intuiting and supporting a child’s destiny in a new and emerging world.  There are 22 writers whose stories are included in this anthology. Among them is Lynne Twist author of the bestselling book the Soul Of Money.


“Fearless Nest is an inspirational, heart-felt and poignant exploration of the life lessons motherhood can bring if one is available for the teachings.

At the same time unique and universal, these stories follow the journeys of women fiercely committed to their own growth in order to be able to express their motherly love in its purest form.

Each of these stories is a gift inviting us more deeply into our capacity to embrace all the pain and joy of our relationships with our children.”

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
Author of A Woman’s Book of Life and
Inner Peace for Busy Women


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