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Ho Ho Hum-bug: Santa Has the Holiday Blues

Ho Ho Hum-Bug: Santa Has the Blues. By Shana Parker While shopping at the mall last week I overheard Santa on his hot chocolate break saying to an elf, “while I tend to be one of the more upbeat people I know even I cannot compete with all that glitter. I get sad around the Read more

Christmas in the Trenches

I sat reading the New York Times this morning sipping a home made latte (yes I’m in Boulder, CO), in front of the warmth of the fire in the wood stove. My husband was comfortably  in his chair, our pup cozy in her little bed. Yet through the window of the Times I glimpse another Read more

Relationship Help for the Holidays

Its obvious that this new born turtle could not have survived without the crack in the picture perfect shell! Lets use this metaphor to embrace the cracks in the pictures we hold for the holidays. While the holidays have so much promise for relationship dreams fulfilled and hearts at peace, there is the shadow to Read more