Listening Is The Key To Love

Art of Listening for Couples

This is a Five-week streamable course. For those who want therapy sessions in person or on Skype this is also available.

This course is for couples who want to take their relationship to the next level. In each of the five weeks of this streamable course there are 3 segments each 20 minutes long. The course invites couples to identify relationship goals and agreements that create the container in which to do the work.

In the Art of Listening I teach specific skills that allow you to hear and communicate to your partner in a way that they feel heard; that allows the fight/flight mechanism to quiet and subsequently enhance deep connection and safety. The course includes practices to notice the bodily felt emotions, to stay in your own experience at the same time remain present with your partner.

Ultimately the Art of Listening is the" beginner’s mind" of skills for couples. I am still learning to witness my own identifications that arise and have the potential to create distance when what I truly desire is deep heart connection.

Whether you are ready for a relationship tune-up or a whole new start, this course can benefit you. If you would like to do some sessions with me in addition to the course I am available in person or on Skype.

The course is $149

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