Healthy Relationship Quiz/Story

2. Healthy Relationship Quiz – Story

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Jessica’s Story:  

I remember the first time we made love. We were in a fancy hotel because we had met again at the conference. The fading light of the warm summer day was casting shadows in the room where we hadn’t turned on any lights. After talking for hours he initiated sex by calling me a princess  and pulling me onto the queen size bed. After we “made love” he jumped out of bed and after doing a little dance more aptly called a jig he sung out  “isn’t it great!” I knew he really meant “Aren’t I great.” At that moment I choose the relationship instead of myself. Not really a healthy choice.  I thought “if I tell him the truth- that he has basically no clue how to please a woman and that I had barely begun to get turned on” that it would be over. I had only two speeds in those days- attack or withdraw. While I held the relational facade- coy sweet smile- I was as shut down as a town preparing for a hurricane. This choice of mine to pretend would have to change soon if I wanted to see if there was potential for a real relationship. I knew that I could never know if he really cared about what I needed if I didn’t tell the truth.

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